About Me

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David Soto Jr.

I am a health and wellness coach, author, and speaker. I help people achieve their goals by teaching them to think differently and get “primitive.” I’m a contributor to Task & Purpose and The Good Men Project as well as my own blog right here. I am also the author of several published books found on Amazon.com. To get notified of upcoming publications to include my novel, sign up www.davidsotojr.info or if you are interested in working with me, check out my coaching page for more info or contact me directly.

The longer version:

I was born in Gardena, California and spent most of my childhood in Los Angeles. In high school, my family moved to a small town in Missouri. At the age of 17, I joined the Air Force and spent the next 23 years toggling between active duty Air Force and Missouri Air National Guard. In 2002 I was deployed under Operation Enduring Freedom and in 2004 I took a year off from the military and I went to Iraq as a civilian contractor.

Throughout the years, when not in uniform, I tried my best to fit into society. I got a job, went into debt to buy a house and a car, and tried to find a girl to marry and start a family with. None of these seemed to work out for me. Instead, I felt best on the road. At the age of 30, I sold most of my possessions, put my house up for rent, hit the road, and (more or less) haven’t stopped since.

Currently, I teach people how to achieve their goals by thinking differently. I like to call it “Getting Primitive.”

Please contact me for public speaking, personal training, coaching or just to say hi.