Best Year Ever 2015 Part 2

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“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying.” ~Michael Jordan

Read Part 1 first!

Triple my income. Didn’t happen. In fact, my income went down. Because of my retirement from the Missouri Air National Guard, I lost that monthly paycheck. It equalled about 1/4th of my income. Luckily being a minimalist, living on a strict budget, and being debt free allows me to live conformably on my low income. I still intend on tripling my income this year, though I am not sure what I will do with all that money.

Have the first draft of my memoir written. Also didn’t happen. Instead I wrote three other books and published two of them. Trust me, when I write this memoir you will want to read it.

Sell all of my rental properties. This too didn’t happen. The good news is that they are paying for themselves. I even make a little profit off of them monthly. I don’t touch that money though. I let my property manager hold on to it for me to cover any expenses that come up and they sure do. My reason for this goal is to not have any mortgages. I have not had consumer debt for a couple years now but I would feel a lot better without any debt at all. With a little luck, I’ll either either be able to pay them off or sell them with in the next year. travel, van life, safari, astro

Save up $15,000 to buy a van to travel the country. Well, I didn’t manage to save $15,000 but I did manage to come up with $1,500. That’s exactly what I paid for the van I have now. It’s in this $1,500 van that I have started my year long road trip. So far I have gone to Kansas, Colorado, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and of course, Missouri.

These are just some of the many goals I fell short on. Again, I don’t really consider them losses. They either led to other wins or are just taking a little longer than a year to achieve.

That’s it. That sums up my 2015. Was it the best year ever? With out a doubt, I can say, YES.

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