Creek II

“Everyone needs a coach. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a basketball player, a tennis player, a gymnast or a bridge player.” ~Bill Gates

What is coaching?

In the 20 plus years that I have been in the heating and air conditioning field, I have never not been able to fix something. One reason is that I am a naturally skilled troubleshooter and mechanic. The other reason is that I always asked for help, ALWAYS.

One example, in particular, was when I was a maintenance man for a parish in St. Louis. The AC was out and the Monsignor wanted it fixed fast. He was actually kind of pissed that I went home the day before without it being repaired. For the record, it was running when I left. “Intermittent” problems are the hardest to fix. You can’t find what’s wrong with the unit if it’s operating fine when you are there. Anyway, with a pissed off priest and mass that evening, I had to get this thing running. The problem was I was stuck, so I made a call to the boss asking for help and he sent the Wolf. (Pulp Fiction reference… anyone? No? Carry on then.) His name was Dave as well. He was once just a maintenance man like me but got promoted as a reward for years of dedication and hard work. He didn’t really care for his management position but it paid a lot more. When opportunities like this, to go out in the field came up, he took it.

The right coach can help you make sense of what looks like a mess.

The right coach can help you make sense of what looks like a mess.

When Dave showed up I had been wrist deep in wires and relays for hours and was completely stumped. Right away he started asking questions and testing stuff. I’m pretty sure the conversation went something like this “Did you check the _____?”  “Yep!” This went on over and over again for about a half an hour. Somewhere along the way I had to show him on the wiring diagram what I had checked and why. That’s when I found it.  I can’t remember exactly what it was as I write this but it was a relay in a temporary circuit. It only had a few seconds to energize and do its job and if it didn’t, it would shut the whole system down. It was a bugger to find but when I did, it stood out like a sore thumb. It was obvious. I sent Dave back to his office and went to pick up a relay. The church was nice and cool by the time mass began later that day.

I tell this story to point some things out; did Dave fix this air conditioner? No, I did. Could I have fixed it without him being there? No, obviously or I would have fixed it before he got there. Did he give me instruction on troubleshooting HAVC systems? Not really. What he did do was help me see things from a different perspective. He helped me use the skills and experience I already had to fix the problem I was facing.

This, my friends, is coaching!

We all have the skills, knowledge, and ability to achieve whatever it is we truly desire.  Sometimes we need a “Dave” in our life to come in and help us look at things a little different. Not to fix our problems but to show us that we can fix our own problems.

I would be honored if you let me be that Dave in your life. Click here to take a look at my coaching packages.