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How does my L.I.F.E. Coaching work?

Listen. It feels good to tell someone your problems. Unfortunately, it feels so good that most people will only listen to yours until they find the opportunity to tell you theirs.

Inquire. This is the trait that makes a coach. Nobody likes to be told what to do. As your coach, I will ask you the right questions. Questions that will have you looking at things a little differently. And with that, you can draw your own conclusions.

Facts. I will give you information to help you with your decision-making process. Did you know because vanilla flavoring comes from a beaver it can be called “natural.” It comes from the anal gland of the beaver, by the way. Now it’s up to you whether you ever want to eat anything that has “natural vanilla flavor” in it or not.

Examples. I will give you real world examples from my life and other’s who have been in your situation. I’ll share with you what worked and what didn’t.

What is my specialty?

I am not sure yet, but it may be finding other people’s specialty. Many of my clients have come to me for small business coaching. I am really good at helping people figure out low-cost startups. One of my clients has gained international recognition in her specialty I helped her discover. Others have come for weight loss help and a few for just general life stuff whether it’s buying a house or relationships. (It’s all connected, by the way.)

Below are a list of my current coaching packages:

One session w/ email responses: $150

This package includes one phone call or Skype session with 30 days of emails responses with any questions you may have. I answer emails every morning but keep in mind that once I zero my inbox, it is closed until the next day.

Four sessions w/ email responses: $500

This package is the same as above with a $100 savings for making a bulk purchase.

30 Day Retainer: $750 (limited availability) 

This package includes four scheduled sessions plus ASAP phone and text responses for 30 days. People love to ask me questions via text message, so I created a package just for this situation.

Use the dropdown menu to make your purchase or scroll down a little further to book a free mini session.

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