Eat Whatever The F*ck You Want!

Eat Whatever

“I’ll tell you one thing: Don’t ever give anybody your best advice, because they’re not going to follow it.” ~Jack Nicholson

The reason I say eat whatever the fuck you want is because I am done writing about and giving nutritional advice. It’s just too frustrating. Now, if you still want help, you can hire me. I can fix a lot of your health issues, especially when it comes to weight loss. The problem is, you don’t want what I have to offer. The solution to most of the problems you are suffering from is to eliminate certain things out of your diet. This is not the solution you are looking for.

Here is a scenario I go through often:

Person: “What can I do to get rid of my (insert any symptom here)?

Me: “Eliminate (insert a food that they love here) from your diet.

Person: “Hmm… What else?”

The elimination of certain foods, like bread, is just not an option for people. It could be the very thing that solves their problem but there is just no way in hell they are going to give it up. They would rather try ANYTHING else and would gladly pay money just to see if it works.

My “Train Naked” shirts are more popular than anything else I have ever created. These shirts have lead to another frustrating scenario I go trough often.

Person: “Train Naked, huh?”

Me: “Not literally. When I train people, we train barefoot and without any equipment.”

Person: “Oh! You’re a personal trainer?”

Me: “Not really. Not anymore. Now I’m more of a nutritional consultant.”

Person (very disappointed): “Oh…”

Nutritional consultant seemed to be a show stopper, so I started experimenting with my job title. I tried health and wellness coach, nutrition coach, and weight loss coach and they all yielded the very same disappointing, “Oh…” Then, I tried something different.

Person: “Train Naked, huh?”

Me: “Not literally. When I train people we train barefoot and without any equipment.”

Person: “Oh?! You’re a personal trainer?”

Me: Yes!

Person: “Do you have a card?”

People would rather pay me to kick their ass than to actually solve their problem. Here is the thing, no amount of ass kicking and calorie restriction will reduce the chronic inflammation going on in your body.

I’ve posted the list below in a previous post and in my books but I make a very good point, so here it is again.

The top ten causes of death in the United States in order:

  1. Heart disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Chronic lower respiratory disease
  4. Stroke
  5. Accidents
  6. Alzheimer’s disease
  7. Diabetes
  8. Influenza and pneumonia
  9. Kidney disease
  10. Suicide

Guess how many of these, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are attributed to chronic inflammation? Seven! Heart disease, cancer, chronic lower respiratory disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and kidney disease can all be directly linked chronic inflammation.

The two biggest leading causes of chronic inflammation are leaky gut (aka intestinal permeability) and the constant consumption of a low-level irritant. What causes leaky gut? The foods you love, grains, dairy, legumes, and sugar. What are some examples of low-level irritants? These very same foods along with alcohol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Yes, the drugs you are told are anti-inflammatory actually cause inflammation.

I am not making this stuff up. Do a little research for yourself and you will see that 7 of the top 10 causes of death in the US are caused by what you put in your mouth. The thing is, no one cares.

I once sent someone articles and studies showing a link between sugar and cancer. She was fighting cancer at the time. The message I sent along with the information was along the lines of, “While you are fighting this battle with cancer, I suggest you go sugar free for the duration.” Her response? “Thanks for this info. I’ll take a look. But, you know how much I love my sweets.” Translation: “I would rather die than give up Nutty Bars.”

You win! Eat whatever the fuck you want!


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