Move Your DNA – A Book Review

My copy literally lays next to my "bed" which is now a mat on the floor.

My copy literally lays next to my “bed” which is now a mat on the floor.

“Your body will accomplish amazing things if you allow it to do what it is designed to do.” ~David Soto Jr.

Yep, I just quoted myself. I have said this a lot over the years and there is a reason for it. I didn’t have an explanation for half the stuff I said. I didn’t have a good reason for why doing something as simple as walking outside has such drastic results on your body. I just knew it was good for you.

Katy Bowman, author of Move Your DNA, is my savior. Her book made me feel relevant. It made me feel sane. I now have a scientific reference to everything I believed about natural movement. What I’d been telling people was magical was actually quite the opposite. It’s science! Not only has Katy armed me with the knowledge to help myself, she has given me enough information to help my clients, give talks and workshops, as well as a year’s worth of blog posts. If I am ever famous and win an award I am going to thank God, My Parents and Katy Bowman.

As a minimalist, I read books and then pass them on. If I don’t give them as gifts, I sell them to the used book store for store credit. Even some of my most favorite books have left my hands, only to be purchased again when I feel the need to reread them. Move Your DNA will not be one of these books. It currently lies on my bed, which is now a mat on the floor (Thanks, Katy), where I can easily access it for my morning mobility routine. I also bought the audio version. You almost feel obligated to be moving while reading this book so you might as well be out and about. The only thing better than having both versions of this book would be a mini Katy that you could keep in your pocket and take out for the occasional question like, “Are my hips in the neutral position right now?”

Who should read this book?

  • Anyone who has any ailment they can’t seem to get a proper diagnosis for
  • Anyone who is an athlete and wants to be a better athlete
  • Anyone who wants to improve their overall health
  • Anyone who needs or wants to “exercise” but hates going to the gym
  • Anyone who believes in being as natural as possible
  • Anyone who is any sort of wellness practitioner, i.e. Chiropractors, Physical Therapist, Coaches, Consultants, and Trainers
  • Anyone who wants justification for wearing those silly Vibram Five Fingers

The one takeaway that makes this book worth its weight in gold for me.

Katy talks about how killer whales only (there are exceptions) have the flopped-over dorsal fin in captivity. The reason for this is because they are not in their natural environment. By living in an aquarium, their bodies do not get put under the natural loads of living in the ocean. They don’t get to swim deep, fast or for long durations. They also don’t get to do the one thing they need to survive: they don’t hunt. The lack of these natural movements and environments have a negative effect on their health. The most visible of these negative effects is the floppy dorsal fin.

Now this is just one example, but from this example we can gather that taking one of earth’s creatures out of their natural environment can be detrimental to their health. Right? Right! 

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