Eat Primitively

Baked chicken legs, butternut squash with coconut butter, orange and leek on greens.

Baked chicken legs, butternut squash with coconut butter, orange and leek on greens.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” ~ Hippocrates

Eat Primitively

When I say eat primitively, I mean eat like our primitive ancestors did. Eating this way is nothing new. You may have heard of it by now. It goes by many names; the Hunter Gatherer Diet, The Paleo Diet and the Primal Blueprint are just a few. The gist is to revert to the diet of Paleolithic Man, therefore you will be eating food that you can kill or pick, specifically food that you would kill or pick 10,000 years ago or more. This diet can be simplified by this list of food: seafood, fish, meat, fowl, vegetables, fruit, nuts, and seeds. There are as many variances as there are names and not all apply to everyone. I have been studying the subject pretty intensely for the past few years and what I have done is take the best parts out of all the different styles and put them together. Like many people, I call it Primitive Eating.

What is Primitive Eating? Very simply put, it is eating food that has not been manipulated or made by man. Minimally or unprocessed food is what our body is designed to eat. Your body will accomplish amazing things when it does what it is designed to do, like eat primitive food.

Getting Started

Now, I have to tell you that this is how I did it. Over the years I have learned that not everyone is like me and can start this process the way I did, all or nothing. Also, we may not have the same goals and we definitely have different bodies. So, I am going to tell you how I did it and you can try it this way or you can try it another way. For those of you who are looking to ease into it, please check out The Complete Guide to Primitive Eating.

When I did this for 30 days the following are just some of the changes I started to see:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Increased strength and performance
  • Gastric relief (I farted less)
  • Relief from chronic body aches
  • Lower bad cholesterol
  • Increased good cholesterol
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Increased muscle mass

To get started, follow the basic food guide below. If you need help feel free to contact me.

Approved Foods

First 30 Days:

  • Fish and Sea Food– Wild caught is the best but take what you can get. Salmon is my fish of choice both for it’s taste and high omega-3 fat content.
  • Eggs– Cage free, free range, pastured and or organic are the best. Look for the Omega-3 eggs in the grocery store.
  • Fruits– Local and organic are best. If you have to peel off the skin before you eat it, you can be less concerned about it being organic. (If you are trying to lose weight fruits should be minimal.)
  • Meat and Fowl– Free range, grass fed, and organic are optimal but if you are on a budget, do your best. Oh and don’t forget wild game!
  • Vegetables– As local and organic as possible. The more colors the better.
  • Nuts and Seeds– Raw is better but dry roasted will do. (Peanuts are a legume, not a nut.)
  • Fats and Oils– Bacon fat is your friend! Use it for cooking along with coconut oil. As a topping, olive oil is the oil of choice.
  • Tubers– Sweet potatoes, yams, yuca and jicama are just some examples. (It’s up for debate but potatoes are off the menu for now.)

Day 31 and Beyond:

  • Dark Chocolate– 70% or higher. The consensus is 80% or higher but c’mon.
  • Dairy– Raw, fermented, grass fed, high in fat and organic. Butter, cheese, and heavy cream in moderation, if at all.
  • Booze– Red wine is the best choice. This is a grain free diet so BEER is out!

Unapproved Foods

  • Any Sweet Drink– Period! I don’t care if it is “sugar free.”
  • Vegetable Oil- Seriously, what vegetable is oily?
  • Fast Food– Nothing there is good for you. Stop kidding yourself!
  • Grains– This is the basis of the whole diet. All grains are to be avoided and yes CORN is a grain. Bread, tortillas, pitas, pancakes, cereal are all to be avoided. If you are overweight, then grains are probably the reason. Plus, you are probably allergic to gluten.
  • Added Sugar– This has to go away, no exceptions.
  • Sweets– Cookies, cakes, and pastries are keeping you fat because they combine the two worst things for you, sugar and grain. Your cravings for these things will go away soon. Trust me.
  • Legumes– Soy beans, beans, peanuts, etc. The soy bean is no longer food. If it was, Monsanto couldn’t patent it.
  • Processed Foods– If it is has a wrapper or comes in a box don’t eat it! There are a few exceptions to this but knowing the difference takes time so avoid them for now.

You can find tips on how to take the next step and Move Primitively here.

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