Work Primitively

“Find something in life that you love doing. If you make a lot of money, that’s a bonus, and if you don’t, you still won’t hate going to work.” ~Jeff Foxworthy

What does work have to do with Getting Primitive? Well, to be honest, nothing. Our primitive ancestors did not wake up to an alarm, put on a short sleeve dress shirt, and head to the office. Keep in mind my slogan, “Advancing in This Modern World as Primitively as Possible.”

In the modern world, most of us have to buy our food and shelter. This requires money. Money typically comes from work. For most of us, that means a job.

Many of you probably work jobs you don’t like because of the pay. You need the money your job pays you because you have bills. You have bills because you have so much stuff. You have some much stuff because… fill in the blank here.

Really, ask yourself why you have so much stuff.

Getting Primitive means achieving freedom and happiness through simplification.

Can you imagine a life without a car payment, mortgage, credit card bills, etc? How much money would you have to make if you didn’t have to make all these payments? Would you have to work a job you hated?

Being debt free has allowed me to do whatever I want. Especially with regards to how I earn money. I run a service business remotely and, this is the best part, I am a writer. I make money selling books and writing articles. It doesn’t pay well but that’s ok. I don’t need the money.

That’s what Work Primitively is all about. Doing work you love because you can.

If you want help getting to a place in your life where you can do work you love, you can get a good idea of what I have to offer here.