What do paleo dieters and vegans have in common?

Paleo Dieters and Vegans

“…we should leave religion out of nutrition while respecting individual choices and yes – vegans and paleo folks can be friends!” ~Mark Hyman, M.D.

Paleo dieters and Vegans can be considered that Hatfield and McCoys of the diet world. Although we often battle it out, we also have some similarities. The biggest being that in the beginning phase of your conversion, drastic results can be seen and felt. This has more to do with what you are not eating than what you are. Let’s look at some other similarities.

Both camps eat a lot of vegetables.

Most people associate paleo with an all meat diet. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. To sum up, the paleo diet consist of seeds, nuts, meat, fish, foul, tubers, fruits and VEGETABLES. Lots of vegetables. In fact, I am willing to bet that most people who switch to paleo end up eating MORE vegetables than they did prior to switching over. We make our pasta out of zucchini for Christ’s sake! In fact, I eat more vegetables now than I did when I was a vegetarian.

There is no such thing as “No Vegetable” diet and for good reason, vegetables are packed with nutrients.

  • Vitamins. Greens are rich in vitamins to include vitamins K, C, E, and B. In fact, a serving of greens has 14 times the about of Vitamin A than a serving of milk. A vitamin added to milk.
  • Minerals. Milk may have more calcium per serving but it has less bioavailability than plant calcium. This means even though milk has more calcium, less of it is absorbed into your body. When calcium is not absorbed by your body, there is a good chance it could end up in places you don’t want it, like your kidneys. Ouch!
  • Fiber. Lets face it, everybody likes pooping on a regular basis.
  • Inulin fiber. Inulin fiber is known as a prebiotic. It is food for the healthy bacteria in your gut. Gut flora is a big topic and I am not ready to tackle it but lets just say that there are billions of tiny little buggers in you gut and without them you could be in poor health. Note: If you have ever taken an ANTIbiotic, there is a good chance you killed most of the good bacteria in your gut.

Both camps oppose of the consumption of industrially raised and mistreated animals.

We all make exceptions but the goal of a paleo dieter is to eat either wild or pasture raised and grass fed meats. We want our food to live as healthy and as natural as a life it can. We do not want the animals we eat to be force fed foods it wouldn’t normally eat or raised in an unnatural environment.

Both camps don’t eat dairy.

I’ll be the first to admit that I eat some cheese every now and then but I sure as hell stay away from milk. Also, when I do eat dairy, its not with out consequence. Acne, mucus, and the shits are likely to happen. Most of us no longer produce the enzyme that digest lactose so when we consume it, it reeks havoc on our digestive system. Dairy also contains casein which has a multitude of side effects, least of which is inflammation.

We both don’t shut the eff up about our diet.

You know what I’m talking about. Imagine if we are crossfitters too?!

Did I leave any commonalities out? Leave a comment if I did. 


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  1. Daniel Elder says:

    Both camps eat as naturally and organically possible.

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