The Primitive Van

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The Primitive Van was a name given to my 2003 GMC Safari by an internet friend of mine. I thought it was perfect so, I kept using it. What exactly is The Primitive Van? Well it’s pretty much my home.

In January of 2016 I moved out of my St. Louis apartment and permanently hit the road. I wanted to see the travel and see all the beauty this country has to offer. This page is dedicated to my life on the road and what it takes to live in a van.

Below you will find links to photos, articles, gear, and anything else associated with my van-life! Enjoy!


Might want to avoid The Rockies in January.

Starting out, I knew the could camp in National Forrest for free. Problem was, access roads to the forrest were either closed or blocked with snow. The day I took this photo, I ended up parking next to a closed gate just outside Durango, CO.


Don’t like the snow? Head to the beach!

Within days of waking up with frost on the inside of my windshield, I woke up to this. I met a friend in Puerto Pe├▒asco, Mexico and hung out on the beach for a few days. If you stay away from the touristy part of town, this isn’t a bad place to visit in February!

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Lessons learned after 30 days.

After Mexico, I settled into a RV Park on Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Tucson, AZ for about a month. I wasn’t necessarily camping but I was truly living in my van. One of the better part of my trips so far. I took this self portrait and wrote the accompanying article during this part of my trip. It was March.