Advice And Tips From The 50 Year Old Me

50 Y_O me

“There is a misleading, unwritten rule that states if a quote giving advice comes from someone famous, very old, or Greek, then it must be good advice.” ~Bo Bennett

I could have sworn that I heard Tim Ferris say on a recent podcast that he does this exercise where he writes a letter to his current self from his future self. Of course, whatever he says goes so here is mine. Though it’s not so much a letter than it is just a few bullet points.


I literally got this message the day I wrote this blog post.

Keep up the lifestyle.

The healthy eating, the natural movement, the minimalist lifestyle, all of it. Keep it up. At 50, you don’t look it and you are in great shape and great health. Also, your example is going to influence others and improve their health and well-being. They are going to live better fuller lives because of you. And yeah, you will make a living doing what you are doing. You are almost there so don’t quit now.

It not too late. You will have a family.

Regardless of what your peers are telling you, having a child will not ruin your life. It ruined theirs and that’s why they are so bitter. But it will enhance yours. Now that you are older, maturer and have worked on yourself, you are a better man and therefore will make a better father.

Besides, you already see it. The happiest men you know are the ones that have had children in their 40s. These men also aren’t part of the group who try to discourage you. You know what you are doing so, follow through.

You are a writer. So keep doing it.

You have known you were a writer since you were a child. You were just discouraged to follow through it because of your grades. Now that you have been published and sold books, you now know you can do it. So keep writing. Write every day. People love your writing style and you will build a following.

The best thing you ever did was get on meds for your ADD.

It’s was a long road and the VA was very little help. But, you will eventually find some help, get diagnosed, start treatment, and your whole world will change. You’ll be more tolerable, more empathetic, and you will be able to WRITE more. You will no longer feel the need to self-medicate with sweets, sex, or alcohol. The book you write addressing this issue will sell millions of copies and help a lot of people.

People are going to pay you a lot of money to come speak to their group.

It’s what you always wanted but eventually you will start turning them down unless they pay enough to cover the expenses of hauling your spouse, child, and dog to their location.

You will be on TV.

I know it sounds weird. I’m not going to get into too many details either but, you will be on TV several times.

Stop seeking the approval of your father.

You’re a grown-ass man, dog. You don’t need anyone’s approval. This includes your father’s.

You are making a killing with real estate.

Yes! You have to start from scratch. So get to work getting rid of those pieces of crap properties you have now and get to work. Your ideas and vision to build unconventional homes are going produce houses that blow people away. They are going to pay out the ass to own one of your house.

Your novel ROCKS!

Just FYI.

Having done this I see that this is truly a self-improvement exercise and very personal. I hesitate to share this but I like to post once a week and recently, someone told me how much they appreciate my transparency.

What would the future you say to you? Post one thing in the comment section below.

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