Why I Don’t Give A Shit About Science Part 1

Give A SHit

“The good thing about science is that it’s true whether or not you believe in it.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Before you puff your chest out and disregard me as an idiot, let me tell you that I love science. Me and science go way back. Science was my best friend in school. Science was the only thing that believed in me when everyone else wrote me off as a dummy. Besides Driver’s Ed, which I took as a senior after having been driving for a year, science was the only subject I got grades in above a C. Later, as an adult, I realized that the reason I was so good as a Heating and Air Condition Technician was because it was ALL science. Science got me through my first field dressing of a deer without a hitch when I was all alone in the woods. No, I owe a lot to science. This is not an article about me telling you how wrong science is. Science is right. It’s the people who interpret it that are wrong.

I got into an augment with a friend once and used science in my defense. He came back with, “So, science just comes back and proves itself wrong. It’s been happening of for years.” I blew him off but in the back of my mind, I kind of felt he was right. Turns out, he may have been partially right.

For 73 years Pluto was known as a planet. Science told us it was a planet but then later, science told us that it wasn’t. It never was a planet. Liars!

Page 17, line 646 of the of the Scientific Report of the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee published in February of 2015 clearly states,“Cholesterol is not a nutrient of concern for overconsumption.” Wait a minute! Wasn’t it science telling us it was bad and now science is telling us it’s not?

In 1973 Stephen Hawking’s study of quantum gravity and quantum mechanics turned out evidence that contradicted his own second law of black hole dynamics, which he discovered in 1970. You got to be pretty dang smart to prove a genius is wrong, especially if that genius is you.

My friend’s argument was valid but he was wrong in thinking science proved itself wrong. It was the scientist that were wrong and it was science that proved that they were wrong. The science didn’t change; the interpretation of it did.

Science is like a murder-mystery novel. You read a few chapters into it and you discover clues that lead you to believe that the butler did it. If you stop there, you’ll have no reason not the believe that the butler did it. But, if you continue to read, you may find that you were wrong. That it wasn’t the butler even though you told everyone it was but that it was in fact, the young greedy wife. Was it ever not the young wife? No, it was alway her. You just hadn’t dug deep enough to discover it.

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