Why I Don’t Give A Shit About Science Part 2

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If for some reason you missed Part 1, you can read it here.

“We cannot forget about the millions of people who have claimed to feel better by removing gluten from their diets. A study of 37 participants cannot outweigh the millions of people that have improved symptoms by going gluten free.” ~Robb Wolf

It’s not that I don’t give a shit about the science. It’s more that I don’t give a shit about what you think about the science. No offense. I may not be even referring to you, personally. I am referring to the people who use science or the lack there of, as a weapon. People who are like, “Show me the science, bro.” or “Check your facts, bro. I just read a article the cites a study…” Fuck off!

I’m kind of referring to a very recent and contrary topic of discussion, Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity. Earlier this year, articles started popping up about a study done which proved that subjects in the study, who were given a placebo instead of gluten, claimed to have suffered from worsening gastro intestinal symptoms. With this, researchers concluded that the symptoms were psychological since gluten was not reintroduced into their diet and that it was more than likely the FODMAPS. And boom, there went the Facebook post! People just went ape shit. “Take that, bro. Science! In your face!” These are the assholes I’m talking about. (Oh and for the record, here is a list of FODMAPS, which I found through a link on the very article that made this claim. Guess what is on this list? Wheat!!)

Here is a line from the conclusion of the study:

“In all participants, gastrointestinal symptoms consistently and significantly improved during reduced FODMAP intake, but significantly worsened to a similar degree when their diets included gluten or whey protein.”

Let me brake this down for you in dummy terms, the only terms I understand:

“People who went wheat and dairy free felt SIGNIFICANTLY better but felt SIGNIFICANTLY worse when the re-introduced wheat and/or dairy.”

Science, bro. This is their own conclusion! You see, when it came time to reintroduce gluten into the participants they were broken down into three groups, those who got a large amount of gluten, those who got a little gluten mixed with whey protein, and those who only got whey protein (aka dairy). Could it be that the people were not only getting sick by reintroducing gluten but by reintroducing dairy as well? Umm, it’s very possible. Possible enough to not claim their symptoms were phycological. Definitely possible enough to no ridicule people who are sick and are trying to get better.

Oh, and this was only one study out of five. Yet this seems to be the weapon of  choice for cupcake eaters’ everywhere, because it blames FODMAPS and not gluten. Find links to all five studies and the podcast episode that pointed all this out to me at robbwolf.com.

The moral of the story here is don’t be a dick. Eat your Cinnamon Toast Crunch and shut your mouth and we’ll eat our bacon and eggs and do the same.

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One comment on “Why I Don’t Give A Shit About Science Part 2
  1. Veronica Mercedes Machado says:

    EVERY TIME I even think about putting gluten, whey or SUGAR back into my body, it responds negatively. No, seriously, because I know of the consequences of what these ingredients cause me, I have to carefully consider and think of what even tasting these things will do to my body. Recently, I tried reintroducing these products after being abstinent for a long period of time, and I paid for it extensively and sometimes, even painfully. I was in so much discomfort from bloating and digestion. So really, I am not too concerned with what science interprets as facts, these change every few months anyhow. What I am concerned with are the facts that body repeatedly show me. It does NOT like wheat, flour, gluten, legumes, dairy or sugar. After this last trial, I refuse to go back to that pain and discomfort I felt, from just tasting things “here and there.” In all honesty, my body feels the best it ever has when I avoid these products. Fuck that, as David would say!

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