How 8 drops of poison can save your life.

“Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy.” ~Paracelsus

While writing a blog post about the Inverted U Curve, I was going to reference a post I wrote a few months ago on tumblr. That’s when I realized that I should repost that article here, on the new blog. So here it is.

Bleach is bad!

Chlorine bleach kills just about everything it comes in contact with. This makes it very hazardous and basically, a poison. Below are just some of the risk factors associated with bleach:

  • can release dioxins
  • could irritate skin
  • could cause permanent vision loss if it gets in your eye
  • can cause respiratory problems
  • tooth corrosion
  • singing of nose hairs
  • damage to central nervous system
  • could release deadly chlorine gas if mixed with other cleaners
  • can cause arterial scarring
  • you could die

I have recently learned about the INVERTED U CURVE and realized that this chart applies to everything. I hope to write more about this later but let me sum it up with this; EVERYTHING IN MODERATION.

Bleach is good?

So if everything is ok in moderation, are there benefits to chlorine bleach? Yes. Let’s look at some of them:

  • It kills and removes mold and mildew on contact. I personally use a 10-20% solution with water in a spray bottle to clean the tub and shower. No scrubbing needed. Two things: Be sure the bathroom is WELL ventilated (it’s poison, remember?) and remove your bleach solution from your spray bottle. The bleach will eat through the plastic and eventually render your spray bottle useless.
  • It will unclog your slow draining bathroom sink. I have been in the building maintenance field most of my adult life the one thing I hate doing is taking apart a clogged P-trap. I wish I learned this years ago. Simply pour about a half gallon of bleach down your slow drain and let it do it’s job. Again, make sure the bathroom is well ventilated.
  • IN AN EMERGENCY SITUATION, 8 drops of bleach will disinfect one gallon of water. Filter the water as much as possible then add your 8 drops and let it sit for a half an hour. Drink and live.
  • If you are ever in a chemical or biological attack a 5% bleach solution is what is used by the United States Military to decontaminate people and equipment.

I hope this sheds some light on the benefits and risk of chlorine bleach but what I really want you to take away from this is that ANYTHING can be beneficial, even a poison. More importantly though, too much of ANYTHING can be detrimental.  More on this later.

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