How You Got Primitive And Why You Loved It

Got Primitive

“Babies don’t need a vacation, but I still see them at the beach… it pisses me off! I’ll go over to a little baby and say ‘What are you doing here? You haven’t worked a day in your life!” ~Steven Wright

With the exception if “Jr,” I don’t have any letters, before or after my name. I can imagine people thinking, who the hell I think I am and why am I telling them to get Primitive. Also, with “paleo” being tainted in recent years, it’s hard to persuade people to follow my primitive ways. So I thought, in order to convince you to go primitive, I would tell you about a time you were primitive and loved it!

The Beach!

You know you love it. Whether it is the ocean, a lake, or a sand bar on the river, you love being on the beach. You love it because you are getting Primitive. I’ll explain:

You are stripped down to your skivvies. This is as close being naked in public as the law allows. There is a sense of freedom here. Where most of us are embarrassed to be seen in our underwear, when we wear the same amount of clothes on the beach we feel completely fine.

You are touching the earth. I touched on grounding a little here. The science it there and, with the use of a voltmeter, you can see what happens when you touch the earth for yourself. For many of you, the beach is the only time you allow yourself to go barefoot so when this finally happens, you get immense pleasure out of it because, as hippie as this sounds, you are connected to the earth.

You’re exposing yourself to the sun. The sun is the ultimate source of life. When you are at the beach you are getting the most exposure to the sun probably since the last time you were at the beach. Your body converts the sunshine into vitamin D. A couple symptoms of vitamin D deficiency are tiredness and depression. Just like everything else, exposure to the sun has a sweet spot. Too much of it can do some serious damage so be careful and cover up if you need to.

You are moving naturally. Yes, plenty of you just lay there and sunbathe but many of you are moving your body in a natural way. Whether it’s going for a walk, for a swim, playing in the sand, or maybe even playing a sport, all require natural movement. Something many of you do not do. Even if you are a gym rat; maybe especially if you are.

You are relaxing. This is you, person who just lays there. Good for you, you’re relaxing. Relaxing is primitive especially when you are doing it outside. For some of you, the only time you get to the beach is when you are on vacation. Not worrying about any deadlines, employees, bosses, etc is good for your health.

You are outside. Let’s face it, indoor pools suck ass. There is a reason for this. They are not outside. Just being outside can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease by increasing the level of the hormone adiponectin. Feel free to research forest bathing, if you don’t believe me.

If you ever have gone to the beach you, my friend, have gotten primitive! How much joy did it bring you? Imagine getting primitive every day!

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