Is your gym membership bad for you?

I regret putting those clunky shoes one for this hike. This was the last time I ever wore them.

I regret putting those clunky shoes one for this hike. This was the last time I ever wore them.

“I’m not a huge gym person, so I try to stay away from the gym. But I love to run on the beach or go for a walk. It’s better than riding a stationary bike.” ~Maria Sharapova

Well, winter is over and I made it through with my sanity, staying fairly active with a combination of walking, yoga, and the climbing gym. Now that it is warmer, I am finding myself outside running, walking, and playing in the grass and trees on a daily basis.

Being outside and playing in the dirt and grass, especially barefoot, is extremely beneficial. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Exposure to good bacteria- Soil based probiotics are some of the best so coming in contact with actual soil is not only good for you but a lot cheaper.
  • Getting grounded to the earth- Coming in contact directly with the earth allows it’s energy to flow through your body. You can actually see the voltage of your body drop if you were to measure it with a voltmeter.
  • Coming in contact with the natural terrain of the earth- Straight lines don’t exist in nature. Holding on to a tree branch, for example, sends signals to your brain that you are in your natural environment.
  • Vitamin D from the sun- I’m not sure if supplementing vitamin D even works. Might as well let your body make it’s own.
  • Rest for your eyes- Looking at things close up, i.e. computer screens, books, dry erase boards, and projector screens require you contract your “eye muscles.” Looking at objects that are far away is actually a resting position for your eyes.

You won’t get any of these health benefits “working out” in the gym, the very reason you go to the gym.

A couple of winters ago I joined my local “Globo” Gym and found that after several months I was getting no benefit from it. In fact, I may have seen my body comp and strength get worse over those few months. Here are some reasons why I think that gym membership was bad for me:

  • EMF -There are TVs and electronics all over the place.
  • No Natural Light- It was a store front! The further you went in the darker it got.
  • Fluorescent Light- Not getting any natural sucks, being exposed to fluorescent light is even worse.
  • Dr. Phil, FOX News, Dr. Oz, and other garbage on TV that you can’t avoid looking at while on the treadmill. – This negative flow of information is the last thing you actually want while you are trying to improve your health.
  • The People- This gym is full of unhappy, unhealthy, sick people to include the employees. “He that walketh with wise men, shall be wise.” Replace “wise” with “healthy” in this case.
  • It’s just gross- The locker room, the floor (where I mostly trained), and the equipment
  • Bad bad music- If you forget your earbuds, you’re screwed.
  • There is nothing natural and beautiful to look at. (T and A not included)- No trees, rocks, blue skies, animals… nothing!
  • Meatheads- Nuff Said

Is it possible that Globo Gyms actually produces the opposite of what you are looking for? One thing that stood out in the movie “Fed Up” was that both the obesity rate and gym memberships doubled between the years of 1980 and 2000. Maybe these two numbers are just a coincidence but then again, maybe not. Regardless, I think you are more apt to get the results you are looking for by moving and training outside. I mean, Rocky beat Ivan Drago in Rocky IV. Drago had a top of the line and modern training facility while Rocky trained… outside.

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