Lessons Learned From Naked And Afraid Part 2

Naked and afraid

“I am on a plant based diet. I eat plants and the animals I eat, eat plants. ” ~Anonymous

If you didn’t catch Part 1 be sure to check it out here.

Being a vegan is not natural for humans.

Blah blah, blah. I know there are all kinds of arguments for being a vegetarian or vegan. Oh and there is that one guy who is old as dirt but doesn’t look it and credits being a vegetarian for his youthful appearance. Like everything else, there is an exception to the rule. But I find that, in most cases, you can tell a vegan by their gray, wrinkled, saggy skin not by how young they look.

Anyway, I try to make decisions in my life based on what is the most natural. I judge what is natural by a couple of different factors. One is, would I thrive in a survival scenario with or without it? Stuff crust pizza, I could go without it. Ability to walk or run for miles upon miles would be pretty helpful. Water, that’s an important one. That being said, if you’re out in the wild, could you survive by without meat?

On almost every episode, the contestants complain of their lack of protein. They say how they crave it. How they can feel their body wanting protein. When they do finally get some meat, they swear they feel their body putting it to use. They immediately feel better. This doesn’t mean a vegetarian couldn’t survive out there, though.

Of all the episodes I saw, there were only two vegetarians. One couldn’t take it and ate a piece of lizard or something before her 21 days were up. They other made it through a 21-day challenge and then a longer 40-day challenge. OK, so the 21-day challenge. Congratulations! I’ll give her credit for sticking with it but I don’t think she could have kept it up. Also, she harvested a frog for her partner to eat. To me, this proves that she, herself, could see that her partner wasn’t going to make it without meat. Basically, she saw first hand that a person could not survive without protein. It just wasn’t her in this case.

Ahh, you say. What about the 40-day challenge? She made it through that one? Agreed but the only reason she was able to be a vegetarian the entire time was because the others were not. If the others hadn’t of successfully harvest animals, she would have had to share what they foraged, limiting the amount of her already restricted calories to even less. Being the only vegetarian, she got all the coconut and tart fruit to herself.

Basically, I don’t think a person could forage enough to sustain themselves in the long term. In fact, in the history of the world, that’s a pretty long time, no one has.

It’s ok to admit you don’t know something or that you are wrong.

I am pretty good identifying the signs of an insecure person having been at varying levels of insecure myself for decades. One of them is the inability to say, “I don’t know.” People are afraid to admit they don’t know something because they are afraid of how it will make them look. What they aren’t aware of is how they look when they say they know something and obviously don’t.

Someone on the show actually said, “Yeah, I know how to do (whatever), I just wanted to see how you do it.” You’ve heard this before, out of children and bad tv sitcoms. There are actually people in this world that do this and they are a pain in the ass to work with. In a survival situation, it can be detrimental.

When the partners of these difficult people confronted them, the response was surprising. Most of them admitted to their behavior and turned things around. The ones who didn’t, continued to make things worse and ended up quitting. Again, I think a survival situation is the best way to gauge if something. When people in a survival situation admitted that they didn’t know something, that they were wrong, or asked for help, they thrived.

There are no such thing as picky eaters.

You’re just not hungry enough.

Being a proponent of Primitive Eating, I come across all kinds of excuses as to why people don’t want to eat this way. One of the most popular is, “I’m a picky eater.” I hate this statement with a passion. A close second is, “I don’t like the taste of water.” People are so used to the garbage they eat that when they encounter real food, they reject it.

I know people who don’t like the tastes of wild game, fish, or even grass-fed beef. These people would not survive in the wild at least not make it the 21 days of the show. Or would they? It a rare thing to see people on the show turn their nose to something “gross.” In fact, I don’t think I have ever seen anybody refuse to eat something except the fucking vegetarians. You know why? Because they we hungry. HUNGRY! These people are eating worms for Christ’s sake.

Not only will you cease to be a picky eater if you are hungry enough, the food will taste delicious. If you are hungry enough, you will eat a wildebeest steak that was killed down by a mucky pond while taking a shit an hour ago and the last thing you will say will be, “Meh, it’s a little gamy.” People roll their eyes in orgasmic bliss upon their first bite of lizard, snake, or even skunk as if it came from their favorite barbecue joint. All without a grain of salt or pepper.

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