Not convinced you should go grain free? Read these!

No Grains


I pulled these testimonials from a popular website. There were hundreds of them but I stopped at four. Check out what happened as soon as these people put their family members on a grain free diet.

“…she has more energy, is more playful, and has already lost 10lbs.”

“My three year old … had terrible, dry, flaky skin. He suffered from … bacterial skin infections year round. He would scratch … until there were open wounds on his feet, hips, and legs. We … tried oral medication, topical medication, medicated shampoos and skin conditioners… Finally, after much research, we switched … The difference in his skin is amazing… the infections are gone. It took a few months to clear up, but definitely the best thing in the world for him.”

“Able to stabilize our [family member’s] diet with his insulin regiment due to diabetes. Other friends have lost their [family member’s] because of inability to do so… we were able to get his diet and insulin intake in check.”

“I just recently adopted a 3 1/2 y.o. … his [stools] were soft and completely fell apart. A friend of mine … recommended that I try this … and I can tell you just after two days the WORLD of difference. Not only is he eating all of his food … but we’re having much more solid [stools] …”

If you haven’t caught on, the website I pulled these from is Amazon. These are from reviews of people who bought Taste Of The Wild, a grain free dog food.

No animal benefits from eating grains. Not dogs, not cows, not HUMANS. If going grain free can improve these dog’s health don’t you think it can do the same for you. Go grain free for 30 days and you will be blown away with how it improves your overall health. Need some help doing so? Contact me!


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