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How to Ease into the Paleo Diet

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“The Paleo diet is a means to an end, not an end in itself.” ~Kris Kresser The Paleo Diet has been getting a bad rap lately. I feel it is due to the commercialization of it. Paleo bars, breads, cookies,

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Keto for Weight Loss Simplified Part 2

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“If one TRULY stays in ketosis, is it IMPOSSIBLE to over eat?” My gut instinct is to say “No, I can find you people who can over eat, even in “nutritional ketosis.” ~Robb Wolf Time follow up on my last

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Keto for Weight Loss Simplified Part 1

“The insulin resistant, crack-addicted individual really benefits from LC [low carb], I cannot say that sufficiently, and the ease with which people lose weight (fat) on these programs is remarkable” ~Robb Wolf A ketogenic diet, keto for short, is also

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How a ketogenic diet improved nearly every aspect of my life

  “I remember exactly where I was sitting in a clinic at Johns Hopkins in 2002 explaining to (admonishing, really) a patient who was on the Atkins diet how harmful it was …  I am so embarrassed by my complete

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