What happened when I stopped working out?


What happened

I originally sent this out to my subscribers earlier this month but thought I should share it with the rest of the world too. This is exactly what you will get if you join my email list.

I have recently gotten to the point where strange things have been happening to my body.

  • All of my pants and shorts are ridiculously too big in the waist
  • My arms are starting to look like rock climbers arms, all awesome and lean and vascular and stuff
  • My butt has that indention on the sides that people with nice butts have
  • I am seeing and feeling muscles I haven’t seen or felt, ever

No, there will not be any pictures of me with my shirt off anytime soon (although it’s great for business, apparently.) I am still a work in progress, like many of you. But, I really feel good about these changes I have been noticing.

So what have I done to achieve these milestones? I stopped “working out!”

Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely more active than ever, I just don’t bother with those tough workouts that I thought were necessary. Those 10-30 minute to hour long, ass kicking workouts are out of my life. Yeah, I still think there may be benefits to these workouts but I am seeing evidence that they don’t have to be done as often as people think they do. I used to restrict my Crossfit workouts (before I gave it up) to twice or maybe three times a week. Now, I feel that once or twice a month would be sufficient.

Don’t think that I am just all about looking better, I am preforming better as well. My mile and a half run time is improving each time I run it. I did an 8 mile barefoot/sandal trail run on my 41st birthday and felt great. And, I am improving as a climber. I not only climbed the hardest level route (5.10c) I have ever climbed the other day, I climbed three of them in a row.

Here are some of the things I have incorporate daily to get the results I have seen lately:

  • I walk, sometimes on a trial at the park and sometimes to the coffee shop or store.
  • While working at a coffee shop, I am standing and stretching constantly.
  • I do things like push ups and pull ups every day as much as possible but rarely more than 10 push ups and 3 pull ups at a time. This allows me to do them everyday.
  • I rock climb up to four days a week.
  • Even though I vowed not to run more than a mile and a half at a time, when I am on a trail in the woods, I can’t help but run at least three.
  • When I’m in my cave watching Netflix, I am working on mobility on the floor.

Basically, I am incorporating more movement into my entire life. I am spending less time sitting still. Killing myself for an hour at the gym does not reverse the 8 hours I spent completely immobile sitting at my desk. So my challenge to you isn’t to work out more but to be still less. Above is how I do it, you are going to have to find your own way for what accommodates you and your daily life.

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